Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Time moves too quickly.  Sometimes I wish I could reach for the hands on the clock and turn them back.  It's hopeless, they can't be budged.  Sometimes I wish there was more time or, at least, that time wouldn't move so darn fast.  But I realize now what I'm meant to do with time.  I'm meant to make it last.

Yesterday my mom handed me a book that she said would be good for the plane ride to Arizona.  The cover looked interesting enough (I can't help it, I judge a book by it's cover)so I put in on the shelf with all my other books I plan to read, but just never have the time to.  I'm not sure why but I decided to start reading that book. It started off being the most shallow and superficial account of a day in high school from the perspective of a shallow and superficial girl.  I hated it.  But my mom told me she hadn't been able to put it down, as did the back cover page, so I kept reading.  At 12:22 AM I put down the book. I don't even want to give it back to the library, I want it all for myself.  Once I got past all of the cliches, It gave me a whole  new perspective on life.  And I can't even tell you how much I was crying.  My gosh how I love books that make me cry. 
That's why you need to read Before I Fall right now. 

Ps: I'm going to be gone until the 27th!  Bye bye guys! 


  1. I love your blog! Maybe we can follow each other?
    Merry Christmas!!


  2. Oh hey girl! Thanks for all the loverly comments! They're so wonderful and you're so wonderful! Thanks again, girl! I'll check out your blog now :)
    And of course I'll be following ya :0)