Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Rookie Magazine

Dear Rookie Magazine,
I can’t even remember when I found you but I really can’t even believe I survived half of my high school years without you.  Reading your articles are so much more interesting than studying for junior year finals (duh) and the SAT (that might not be so good).  I have this favorites bar on my computer right above the internet window (maybe there’s a different more techy way of explaining this but whatever) and usually the majority of it is filled with eBay, etsy and BlogSpot icons and maybe the occasional weight loss or ‘calculate your bmi’ icon when I’m in a ‘get fit and healthy’ phase.  Pretty much the whole thing is filled with little black and white ‘R’s now (that’s what your icon looks like if you didn’t know, but you probably do).  I have some of the fiction stories up there just to look at from time to time among DIYs (the pillow skirt in particular) and those photo posts.  Needless to say, you guys kind of replaced eBay for me, almost. 
What I really wanted to get at was that I wish I had found this website freshman year of high school.  I know people are awkward, especially high schoolers (duh, Awkward. On Mtv-best show ever and Freaks and Geeks) but I was especially awkward, and in desperate need of cool-people advice.  Even though I guess I’m supposed to be cooler considering I’m a junior, I’m really not.  I have had one, count ‘em, ONE boyfriend, my whole existence and it was only for two weeks because I didn’t even like him, I do nothing on the weekends, I have never been to a party and my grades aren’t even good enough to compensate for the no social life.  Yeah. Sometimes I feel pretty special.  This magazine, however, has taught me that this kind of lifestyle is totally ok and I’m even convinced I’m a little cool in my own way.  Though the people who write these articles are, like, exponentially cooler than anyone I know (besides David Sedaris and Rayanne Graff), they make me feel cool and, bonus, they make me laugh a lot.
 So thanks Rookie Magazine for making me laugh, making me feel better about myself (in a non cheezy way) and for reading this letter.  This magazine is the
Emily Syd, Tronix Kid

Ps: I’m sorry this isn’t what you’re asking for (to be be sent to you) right now but I really wanted to just say thanks.  Don’t hate me!

I think I might send this, I might I might I might.  I'm doing it.  I'm sending it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sometimes I feel
As if I'm this really tiny person
In this giant sweater
And I'm just too small
I can't see this great world around me
I can only see the big, obvious things
Through these small stitches
Will I never see those small things?

Strike an... AWKWARD POSE

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have wanted to dye my hair red since the day I lost my natural gingerness- circa age 2.  Just kidding, but not really.  Every time I'm about to do it a process goes on in my head, kind of like this > I'm going  to do it, I am definitely going I can't do it.  And the bad thing is I tell people I'm going to do it, like everyone around me.  It's terrible really, last year I didn't do it because I told my crush I was going to and he told me not to.  I am pathetic and utterly devoted to someone who does not even know it. MOVING ON.  I decided that after I didn't get the scholarship to go help the sloths in Australia (because apparently people are stupid and instead of giving money to an organization that allows teens to actually help out in the world, these people are doing greater things like buying houses on the strand of Manhattan Beach), that I was going to do it.  This summer, my hair is going united with it's gingerness once more! 
I'm feeling a little teen angsty today, so here you go.

 Isn't this fabric off da hook?  When I was dancing around the little mirrors reflected little rays on the ground around me!  I felt like I was boogying down in a disco nightclub (but in the daylight, of course).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Caught Again

Okay, now don't look up
Give it two minutes
No, maybe one.
Can't last that long!
Don't look up
But I can see him
I can see him looking.
Is he looking?
Oh, look up now
While he's not looking
 Crap. He's looking.
Abort, abort!
Steer those eyes away!
Quick, before you crash!
But if this is crashing
I want a full on collision.

I was in a happy little school girl mood.  So I wrote a happy little school girl poem.  Also I'm in a plaid, buckles and sweaters phase.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Close, and Yet...

Well you get the rest, duh, it's quite a cliche statement.  But as of right now, as I listen to a soundtrack that consists of Gotye, The Shins, Eric Clapton and TSwift, I almost want to cry when I think about leaving my favorite place in the world (my room) and my (usually) favorite people in the world (my family).  I'll have to move in to some cramped room with another teenage stranger.  I mean haven't you seen the Roommate?  Well, I haven't but it just sounds creepy, right?  I've been in love with the idea of college since middle school when I used to go around telling people that I wish I could just skip high school and go straight to college.  I read a lot of scary high school bullying books back then, like, the true story ones.  But when I first entered high school, nothing terrible really happened to me.  I mean, unless you really hate having your boobs grow, or your style change multiple times, or making new friends (and keeping the is silver and the other's gold...oh, you don't know that song...never mind).  Yes, you get yelled at by the seniors and juniors, but what else is new?  They hate you, you hate them and think they're so cool and effortless at the same time.  I'm almost done braving high school and junior year is some tough shiznat to get through.  Everyone's shouting in your ear about having the perfect grades because colleges are watching, ALWAYS.  I mean if I'm getting this correct, those college scouts might as well be in your bathroom while you sing in the shower.  You might want to check that out. 
Agh! So much writing I'm sorry!  What was I saying again?  Must turn off music to concentrate.  Oh, yes, I was talking about leaving.  First of all, can I bring my cat? Second, I wonder if my friends will fit in that suitcase?   Third, I'll no longer be able to be a beach babe anymore (HAHA, like I ever took hold of that opportunity) because I'm going up north!  Bring on the sweaters! 

 Trying and failing to show how cold it is in Beach Town right now...I could see my breath! can't.

Speaking of college...I'll be touring San Fran, Sonoma, and Santa Cruz starting Wednesday. We'll be gone until Saturday I believe.  

Who Needs You?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Everyone should own one.  I'm telling you, it feels so good to write down what your feelings, even if only for a few seconds and a few sentences.  I've had two journals so far, one of which is lost at the moment and I'm kind of freaking out considering it tells the story of my life from ninth grade (oh so shallow) to the end of 10th grade (awkward times).  To make sure I do not lose my current journal, I decided to decorate it!  And guess what?  I'm in lurve.  I lurve it.

I wanted to share this because I just look so beachy...despite the fact that I am wearing an h&m jacket and a lace dress.  Oh, I can never just let it be can I?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am a big fan. BIG FAN.  Haha sorry, I'm crazy bananas for this guy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Singles Awareness Day!

Merry Valentines Day.  If you haven't seen this girl ^ on Youtube yet, what's wrong with you?  Mirandasings08.  Now. (By the way she's actually a professional singer/comedian, enjoy!) 
Anywhooz, I really really wanted to rebel against the red,pinks and whites standards of a valentines day outfit, but honestly, I couldn't help it.  I guess I'm just a sucker for valentines day!  Just kidding, just the clothes.  CELEBRATE SINGLES!



Sorry I look like a bug I swear it's not my fault.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Things I like about myself
The freckle on my bottom lip
My little feet
My creative little tug boat of a mind
The fact that I actually enjoy getting up early
My cat (basically she's my better half)
My mask of freckles  
My fear of tidal waves (I like to think it's kind of unique)
My bookworm-i-ness

Things I dislike
My hair color (can you say abra kadabra you're a ginger?)
My minds intoleration for anything math
How much of a night owl I am not
My non existent lips
My obsession with checking my email every other second (what if I have an email now? What about now?!)
My extremely mood swingy self esteem
My typing (I like to call it the hunt and peck)

PS: I'm not grabbing my crotch in this picture, you creepy minded ones. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Day after day it's unfabulous
and everyone around me is unbearable
I'm gonna be the one unflappable.
It's better unfabulous (oh yeah).
It's better unfabulous.

I'm gonna be the one unstoppable.
It's better unfabulous (oh yeah)
I'm gonna be the one unforgetable.
It's better unfabulous,
It's better unfabulous,
It's better unfabulous.

Give me five good reasons why they cancelled this show.  And while you're at it, give me five reasons why it should have stayed on the air!  Just kidding guys, you don't actually have to do that. 
Anywhoo, in less unfabulous news, I am going on a bike ride with Nikki in t-minus 30 minutes!  My english class is getting more into Realism so my teacher said that instead of giving us a depressing short story for homework this weekend, she wants us to do something we havn't done in a while that we really enjoy.  She's lovely, I know.   Okidokes!  I'm off to find the perfect beach girl meets rebel meets bicycle ride outfit!  Just kidding.