Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Still Summer To Me

Okay, so I have to make this very quick because I have some AP Art History homework to do, but I just wanted to say....I had the BEST first day of school today!  Though I hate to admit to myself that I am a junior, I am really loving junior year.  And yes, it has only been the first day, but I just feel really really awesome.  My life right now is really just fantastic.  I'm doing a post tomorrow about why I am so excited for September (but be mindful it may be a bit dated because I started it in the summer time...oh how I miss that time).  But, anywhoo!  My zero period marine bio class went fantastic, I sit next to my old buddy Emily (which is very funny because it confuses the heck out of my teacher...were both blonde) and first period I have my old Spanish teacher Frigola!  I passed with freaking flying colors in that class freshman year.  And then next was AP Art History with Nikki and Kyle, then AP US History with Mr. Fauvdawg!  Woohoo!  Then there was break when I walked back to my locker with Nikki (where I also spotted my ex...oh gosh...not awkward at all) and then onto Advanced Fashion 3-8!  And oh happy days!  There's a new teacher who is an actual fashion designer and is able to get us sponsors (she has connections) which means, you guessed machines and mannequins!  She also is going to get Apparel Weekly to cover our annual fashion show!  Oh, wow I am using way to many exclamations....ah, well.  Mkay, then my last two classes are math (the class in which I brown nosed a bit  I must admit) with a very sweet Mrs. Champagne and last but not least, English with a super cool teacher and one of my best friends Adriana!  Who could ask for more in a first day of school?  Definitely not me.  Oh, and I visited my old English teacher today after school and picked up my Creative Writing portfolio (94 %, guys!) and tomorrow I will hopefully catch my sophomore Spanish teacher, Mrs. Martinez.  Well, that wasn't very short was it?  Oh, who cares, I'm stoked on life!  And I'll probably be staying up way way late from now on...yay? 
So I'll stop boring you guys with my crazy enthusiasm (because I am, in fact, crazy) and tell you about this outfit a bit.  And no, I did not wear this outfit to school...don't be a doofus.  I did change into this after I got home from Nikki's (we have decided to do homework together this year everyday after school, but maybe not everyday because I hardly got any AP Art done today.) because I felt as free as a bird.  And, I also still kind of feel like its summer...odd?  Not really, it is the first day of school (para mi).  Anyway, I was so excited from my great day at school that, while pouring Picco the cats food, I spilled the entire bag on the floor and ate a giant Chipotle burrito in five minutes.  Okay! That was a day in the life of crazy me, but I really really actually have to go now!  Bye bye!

Found this bathing suit in a mini treasure chest in the back of my mom's closet with a ton of other cool 80's bathing suits.  I found it yesterday...good timing right?  I think not.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School, school, school...I am Such a Fool (with a video camera)

Well, starts tomorrow...I was I'm a bit nervous.  I don't know why, but I always get myself worked up way to much over the first day of school.  I always get up at like five (after staying up until twelve the night before) to make sure everything is in place.  I do have to get up early anyway, because of zero period, but I kind of like how quiet school is on the first day of school.  Last year for zero period I had Ceramics 1-2 so I basically did nothing in that class but homework for other classes and I got 100% (really).  This year, though, I have Marine Biology zero period.  And yes, I do like Marine Biology, I'm actually thinking of majoring in it, but I just hope it's as easy as everyone says it is.  Lets hope!  Because the last thing I need is a hard zero period.

Okidokes my peeps, here is a nice little post to get things rolling.  Hopefully I wont be smashed with crazy homework tomorrow!  Thank god it's only three days of school then Labor Day weekend. 

In this outfit I decided to throw together the very seventies velvet platforms sandals from the family roadtrip, along with the cherry blossom print dress and my moms shirt!  I've become very fond of this shirt if you haven't noticed.  Lalala!  Oh!  And what are all those little buttons on my shirt, you ask?  They are my newly arrived Portlandia pins!  Yay! I got them on eBay and I was so excited to wear them, I just put them all on!  Aren't Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein so cute in mini button form?  I think so.  And, if you don't know what the heck I'm talking about...go check the show out!  The second season is coming on and you know I'll be recording it (along with Project Runway, Awkward, and Freaks and Geeks).  Portlandia!  On IFC! Go now!
Also...I included my first ever video!  Woohoo!  I decided to share the delightful sounds of my mini music box with your ears.  Enjoy me being awkward with the camera!

 Teeny Tiny Music Box...AWW 

 I feel hip to the max against this wall.

Bye! I'm off to enjoy the last and final hours of summer with my truly delightful friends! Oh!  And I saw Fright Night last good! So so so SO good.  But yes, it is scary.  I'll give more details in the later. Til next time!

Monday, August 29, 2011

San(d) Louis In My Shoey part dos

Okidokes guys, here's the second part to our fabulous roadtrip!  I'll just post the pictures with some comments because Picco the cat wants me to let her inside (ugh I have to go all the way downstairs, cat? Really? Fine.) Oh, and also guess what?  My last drivers lesson is today! Two o'clock wish me luck!  I take my test September ninth at three thirty and I even wrote it on my calendar!  But the day after that I wrote, day after you fail the license test...yeah...I'm a little bit crazy of a driver...who woulda guessed?  You guys, probably...all talking behind my back about how crazy I am...pshh!  Okok I'll put the Morrow Bay pictures up before Picco has a mini heart attack...I'm acomin!  Oh!  And look out at the end of the post for all the things I bought on the trip!  A LOT, at least in my mind.

I spy The Rock of Morrow Bay
 A beautiful abonded beach we found...with tons and tons of sandy dollars!  Sand dollars..oh, you know what I mean!

 The birds wanted me to chase them.
 I know they did.
 Happy mommy.
 Of Course 1
 Of course 2.  A seagull made a home on our Subaru.
 Beyond beautiful hotel by the beach.
 We are pool experts.
 Oh yes.
 Say hello to green Spongebob...hey girl whats up?  Oops...sorry..hey guy!

 Meet the wild turkey hangout...I BIRD it's really popular...hahaha get it? Bird instead of heard?  Haha...Oh shutup I know I'm weird.
 Max's heaven...candy central.
 Of course...again...
 One last picture of The Rock!
 Awww the Shell Shop was adorable!  And so affordable! I stocked up on many many shells and other creatures for the mermaid costumes Josie and I will be donning for Halloween.  Oh, there will be pictures of that, you can count on it.
 Paddle Boarding!!
 Say bye bye to Morrow Bay and hello to one last thrift store before we hit the road and set sail for out last stop...Madonna Inn in San Louis!

And here's the bonus...all of the things I bought in one picture...of course excluding some...

Okay so here's a list...which I'm very happy with and slightly embarrassed of...

  • Red Japanese print heels ($5)
  • Yellow Wellies (5)
  • Maroon Oxfords (5)
  • Sheer Purple Knit Sweater (4)
  • White Loafer Heels (5)
  • Japanese High Neck Fitting Dress (5)
  • Velvet Steve Madden Platforms (6)
  • Joyce Carol Oates Short Tales of Mystery and Suspense (1) love Joyce Carol Oates
  • If you Don't stand for Something You'll Fall For Anything poster (3) inspired by Pete Seeger
  • Madonna Inn mini sewing kit (free)
  • Fiona Apple CD (5) YAY
  • Mini Music Box Crankshaft (8) It plays the chorus of Yesterday over and darn cute I couldn't resist!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." - Bernard Meltzer

 Well, for this one I wanted to do a Friends quote for the title, but it wouldn't let me.  Darn you, computer!  You see, my friend Nikki who I'm about to introduce is a friend whith whom I watch Friends with ALL the time and we pretty much know every episode.  So, I thought it would be cute to have some funny quote by Ross and Rachel be the title, ah well.  I'll give you the link to the site I was going to use before my computer made me want to smash it against a wall (just kidding).,,31808,00.html

Nikki is most definitely a character.  She went to the Jewish preschool Alex and I went to, but I guess it was not destiny for us to meeT yet because she left that year.  We finally fulfilled our destiny in the fifth grade, when Josie, Nikki and I became the three amigos (we were all in the same class).  Nikki saw me through my obsession with the boy I mentioned in the other post about Josie, and she, too had a crush of her own; his best friend.  Nikki, as mentioned before, is a character.  She always reminds me how non-social and not-good-at-making-friends she is.  Even though she too, can count her friends on her hands, I don't think she realizes the impact she has on people.  She's hilarious and fun (when you don't wake her up early in the morning) and people really love her, at least I do.  Sometimes, in sticky situations (like wandering the pier at eleven o'clock at night with all those crazy drunken people hanging around corners)we like to pretend we're lesbians (not sure why, but so far this has worked).  We hold hands while walking down dark places and aren't hit on by creepy men.  I have not yet to be hit on by creepy women, but there's always a first for everything!  And that's what I really love the most, how comfortable we are with eachother, while other friends may say 'heck no' to holding hands because 'people might actually think we're lesbians' Nikki doesn't care.  And when I'm with her, I don't either.


I just thought this one was funny...bonus quote!
I notice my wife when she's on the phone with her friends, man they will share every animate details of their lives with each other. See men once we become friends with another man we may never say another word to him, unless there's valuable information that needs to be exchanged. Things like "Hey Jim, your shirt's on fire." - Jeff Foxworthy

San(d) Louis In My Shoey

Hey! I'm back guys! Heyyyyy!  So I want to start off by giving a BIG virtual hug to JustJess for all my awesome new followers (you know who you are, you fantastic peeps) and saying WOW northern California was fu-u-u-u-un.  I love San Louis (in my shoey)! See what I did up there?  Clever, huh? Well, I think so.  I though of it in the car ride back to my loverly little home.  So happy to have my own space again, by the way.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I adore my weird family!  But, three straight days on and off the road...kind of sometimes a little bit hellish.  Haha anywhoo I made a list on the way back in my travel journal of all things that went on on our little three day trek/road trip.  Some of it is things not to do on a trip, some of it is quotes and some is advice for raodtrips.  Keep in family is weird.  Also! >  I wanted to share the pictures we took!  My film pictures are obviously not done because we just got back, but you will be able to see them as soon as my mother gets them put on some Cd's...I took a lot!  I shall split the digital pics into three categories; first was Paso Robles, next Morrow Bay, and last but not least...San Louis Obispo!  Wee!  I just have so so very much to share with you guys!!  It's so exciting!  I bought so many things at so many cute little thrift shops!  Okay, so first....Paso Robles!

Well, the trip began with our car breaking down by a beautiful lake view...
 Then we got to driving again!
 Max with some mangoes
 Made it!  And we got to see Ramona (family friend)
 See the pink in my hair...see it??!
 I spy Max, Emily and Dad playing the guitar...strangely
 Max loves his BACON
 A quick stop at a guacamole farm...hah!  I'm funny...just kidding it's an avocado grove.
 Max's favorite thing in the whole entire world...he asked for a bottle to drink in the car ride to Morrow Bay.
 Staring longingly.
 Avocados! My favorite!!
 Bye bye Paso Robles!  Morrow Bay here we out.

And here's my bonus list of tips...with a few censored out...hah.

  • Keep your feet out of the bottom of the'll get stuck...Max
  • Never go on the 5 North...stuck there for hours
  • ACTUAL TIP> Turn heat on when the car overheats and stops, no airconditioning
  • pesticides= organic fairy dust (said by my dad after I made a face at all the sparkly pesticides)
  • Kinko's has a nice snack selection (after my dad came out of Kinko's with a bag of chips for Max)
  • ALWAYS check out the local Goodwill (you might be pleasantly surprised) 
  • Be on the look out for cute guys always (Now, I am not a boy crazy girl, but there was a very very cute guy playing the piano at the hotel we stayed in in Morrow Bay...talented and cute, hmm? Mmm!)
  • Always go paddle boarding in Morrow Bay (so fun!  And don't worry...oh, I have pictures)
  • Me- "I feel one with nature" Dad- "I feel awkward with nature" (The many takes on paddle boarding)
  • Madonna Inn.  Just go there. Don't make me repeat myself.
  • NEVER EVER EVER go thrift store shopping on Sunday...bad experience...we had to sadly pass the worlds coolest thrift store because it was friggin stupid Sunday...arg.
Well, everyone...that was post one of three!  Get ready for more!  Oh, and also do not expect many posts for about a week after Wednesday...or maybe, if I'm feeling super nice.  My first day of school starts Wednesday and I am going to be chock full of homework and due dates for AP US history...if you are not familiar with this class, read my post about it.  I still have SOOO many notes.  But blah, I will not bore you no mores with this silliness...even though I am the queen of silliness.  OKOKOK I'LL STOP  Hehehehe SORRY this post was so darn long!  I was just so excited to be back.  TATA!