Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Love College

And I hate that song.  But who cares.  Wanna see some pics from my college viewing adventures? OKAY!
Part Uno: San Fran

 My papa and I.  Were definitely not standing in front of the Bush sign...nope.  It's the China Town entrance!!
 The Museum of Arts and Crafts was right outside of our hotel.  And you could touch the art!  Yipee!

 Lolz (not, haha).  This was for my dad.  Jewish Museum of Arts and Crafts.  Gift shop.
Oh, by the way, we're Jewish.
 Creepy statue outside of the Creative Arts building at San Fran State
 Max, my little bro, trying to act all college-y and nonchalant on his phone.  Psh.  Four more years buddy.
 Dinner de Italiano again!  Mi madre in the Mona Lisa Car.
 Sonoma State tour: the beginning. Oh, of course look who's on their phone.
 We're the Fogels.  We don't get lost.

 They have an island in the middle of a little pond! This alone almost just makes me want to go here.
Nice one.

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