Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hey Guys

Hi.  I've been quite absent haven't I?  Well I must tell you guys that I've been out being social and such.  On Friday night I went to a volleyball game and died a little bit inside when my friend/I-want-to-be-more-than- friends friend looked up at me and smiled halfway through the game.  Oh, sigh.  Then I went out to dinner with the usual crowd plus one Taylor (for her birthday) and went to bed feeling all happy and social.  But, wait, there's more!  I  also went to the beach yesterday!  Yes, that's right I walked about ten minutes from my house.  But still, I ventured OUTSIDE! Hah.  Then guess what? Had sushi with the girls again plus the lovely Kristen this time.  I am just high on life right now.  Also this delicious smoothie my mom made me is helping the happiness.  Oh, phooey I feel so ding dang happy.   And yeah, phooey is a word.  I checked. AND I FINISHED MY FIRST SAT YEAH WOOT. Heh. Bye.

 Thought I'd just add this one in. Yum.


  1. Your outfit is just perfection! I love the colours of the dress and the wedges and the bracelet. Epitome of perfection! Aaah I know just how you feel when you're freind/more-than-friend friend smiles at you, unfortunately I have the self esteem of a chair and fail to make conversation about anything other than "do you have a cup" or "could I borrow your iPad?" ~sigh~ It's so frustrating!

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  2. Hahaha ohmygod you're adorable and hilarious and so sweet!! "I have the self esteem of a chair"- this is a great line. I actually laughed out loud (or lol'd, rather, but I hate that "word" so I just spelled it out) when I read this line. The thing is that I'm friends with this guy but not the kind of thing where we hang out outside of school. And we probably never will because I have the confidence of a mole rat (sorry to downgrade mole rats I just feel like people pick on them a lot so maybe they don't have the highest view of themselves)