Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yes, I still call my mom 'mommy'.  What can I say?  I just never felt anything else sounded appropriate.  Mommy.  I'll say it loud and proud!
Well as you have probably already guessed this post is about my dearest mother, Penny.  It's her birthday today and last night we all went out to this very cool tapas/tacos restaurant near the beach.  I drew a picture of her for her birthday that I worked (but actually) a lot on.  It probably is and will be my favorite picture of her...ever.  She just looks, quite simply, beautiful. I'm not sure if she knows, but I took it from one of our (many) old photo albums and I have kept it in my windowsill ever since.  The picture does not do justice, of course, to her beautiful aquamarine eyes but ah well, beautiful all the same.  I may resent her at times, but gosh I love my mommy. 

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