Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Small Detour

I went outside today!  I explored the world outside of the South Bay! *Applause*
I was really aching to go hiking and I today I pulled Josie out of her house, into the Subaru (but not like a kidnapper) and on the road to Palos Verdes!  The ride, which was originally scheduled for fifteen minutes according to Mapquest (which I hate with a passion), took hour.  So we got a little lost. But really, what did you expect with me behind the wheel?  I love car trips and yes, even though this one was a bit stressful, Josie and I found our way, on our own, with much success!  The hike was beautiful and our brunch at Goodstuff was even better.  How I love loverly love road trips. 
So now I believe is when I show you guys some pictures of myself...lalala!

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