Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh my dear goodness

Lalala I guess I have decided to post every Saturday now. Ah, well...that means the posts are extri special!  Woot woot in the shmoot shmoot!  I apologize for my kookiness, I might have, maybe, possibly (definitely) just watched four episodes of New Girl in a row.  I know what you guys are life is so intense.  I'm just so incredibly extroverted its crazy bananas.  Anywhoozls, here's my post!
And for future reference...  I realize that yes, the blog title denotes that there should be more cat related things on this blog but oh whatever in the shmeter, I'll get on it! 


  1. Oooo, that pretty dress looks familiar... ;) Anywho, I love how you used it as a coat! Super pretty. I love this outfit.

    The best part about your blog is the way you write your posts. Seriously! It's like how I talk with my best friends and sisters and so when I read your posts it feels like I'm talking with an awesome friend. So don't stop the kookiness!! Okay? Okay. :)

    Oh, there's this saying my Grandma Dorothy made up and it reminds me of you! Here it is: "Careful, shmareful!" Isn't it the bestest? :)

    Maria Elyse

  2. Hmmm, the dress does seem a bit familiar, doesn't it? How strange that you know of it! (hehe)
    Haha thanks girl! You're actually using one of the things I do A LOT, the self question and answer (okay? okay.);)
    Sometimes I feel as if my kookiness gets the better of me and just kind of has to come through I'm very happy you like it :)
    And that saying is so cute!! I will put it in my book of quotes!