Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tofurkey is gross

I'm not quite so sure what I'm supposed to celebrate more about Thanksgiving; the massacre of the Native Americans or the slaughtering of the Turkey.  I'm sorry I'm sorry!! I'm so dramatic and sarcastic!  I don't want to ruin shmuin your Thanksgiving I just am dramatic and it's hard to control!  So...moving on!  The family is packing up and taking our semi annual trip to our cabin in Big Bear.  I love love love Big Bear.  And despite my brother's claims that there is nothing to do there (it's just because he's cranky his computer doesn't get any service in the great outdoors)...well, I really don't give a hoot.  It smells wonderful.  It feels wonderful.  Also,bonus, my hair looks awesome in the cold, so booyah in the shmooyah!  I think we were supposed to leave early in the morning, but hey, were trying real hard.  See you guys in the later!


  1. Love your blog!!!

    I'm following! PLZ Follow back =))
    Tiago Aleixo
    @the3rt on twitter

  2. Cool outfit! It's great you're opinionated and individual.

  3. hey thanks guys :) I will be checking out your blogs now

  4. hey! you have a very cutesy blog dear!
    i like you style and that skirt is fantastic!
    too cute!

  5. thanks girl! I love love really really love your blog!