Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have wanted to dye my hair red since the day I lost my natural gingerness- circa age 2.  Just kidding, but not really.  Every time I'm about to do it a process goes on in my head, kind of like this > I'm going  to do it, I am definitely going to...no I can't do it.  And the bad thing is I tell people I'm going to do it, like everyone around me.  It's terrible really, last year I didn't do it because I told my crush I was going to and he told me not to.  I am pathetic and utterly devoted to someone who does not even know it. MOVING ON.  I decided that after I didn't get the scholarship to go help the sloths in Australia (because apparently people are stupid and instead of giving money to an organization that allows teens to actually help out in the world, these people are doing greater things like buying houses on the strand of Manhattan Beach), that I was going to do it.  This summer, my hair is going united with it's gingerness once more! 
I'm feeling a little teen angsty today, so here you go.

 Isn't this fabric off da hook?  When I was dancing around the little mirrors reflected little rays on the ground around me!  I felt like I was boogying down in a disco nightclub (but in the daylight, of course).

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