Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dear Rookie Magazine

Dear Rookie Magazine,
I can’t even remember when I found you but I really can’t even believe I survived half of my high school years without you.  Reading your articles are so much more interesting than studying for junior year finals (duh) and the SAT (that might not be so good).  I have this favorites bar on my computer right above the internet window (maybe there’s a different more techy way of explaining this but whatever) and usually the majority of it is filled with eBay, etsy and BlogSpot icons and maybe the occasional weight loss or ‘calculate your bmi’ icon when I’m in a ‘get fit and healthy’ phase.  Pretty much the whole thing is filled with little black and white ‘R’s now (that’s what your icon looks like if you didn’t know, but you probably do).  I have some of the fiction stories up there just to look at from time to time among DIYs (the pillow skirt in particular) and those photo posts.  Needless to say, you guys kind of replaced eBay for me, almost. 
What I really wanted to get at was that I wish I had found this website freshman year of high school.  I know people are awkward, especially high schoolers (duh, Awkward. On Mtv-best show ever and Freaks and Geeks) but I was especially awkward, and in desperate need of cool-people advice.  Even though I guess I’m supposed to be cooler considering I’m a junior, I’m really not.  I have had one, count ‘em, ONE boyfriend, my whole existence and it was only for two weeks because I didn’t even like him, I do nothing on the weekends, I have never been to a party and my grades aren’t even good enough to compensate for the no social life.  Yeah. Sometimes I feel pretty special.  This magazine, however, has taught me that this kind of lifestyle is totally ok and I’m even convinced I’m a little cool in my own way.  Though the people who write these articles are, like, exponentially cooler than anyone I know (besides David Sedaris and Rayanne Graff), they make me feel cool and, bonus, they make me laugh a lot.
 So thanks Rookie Magazine for making me laugh, making me feel better about myself (in a non cheezy way) and for reading this letter.  This magazine is the
Emily Syd, Tronix Kid

Ps: I’m sorry this isn’t what you’re asking for (to be be sent to you) right now but I really wanted to just say thanks.  Don’t hate me!

I think I might send this, I might I might I might.  I'm doing it.  I'm sending it.


  1. Oh. My. God. I'm exactly the same! Rookie is the best!
    Do you wanna follow each others blog? x

  2. Aw yipididooda! A fellow Rookie stalker! I would love to follow your blog, gfrand :0)