Saturday, February 18, 2012


Everyone should own one.  I'm telling you, it feels so good to write down what your feelings, even if only for a few seconds and a few sentences.  I've had two journals so far, one of which is lost at the moment and I'm kind of freaking out considering it tells the story of my life from ninth grade (oh so shallow) to the end of 10th grade (awkward times).  To make sure I do not lose my current journal, I decided to decorate it!  And guess what?  I'm in lurve.  I lurve it.

I wanted to share this because I just look so beachy...despite the fact that I am wearing an h&m jacket and a lace dress.  Oh, I can never just let it be can I?


  1. Hi, there! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my art! I hope we can continue to be friends!! :D What state do you live in?


    love, polly

    1. No probs girl I'd love to be friends!! I'm in the ever sunny California, what about you?

  2. Your cover of your journal is so creative, it looks like something you could sell! Love your jacket that you are wearing at the beach too!