Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Close, and Yet...

Well you get the rest, duh, it's quite a cliche statement.  But as of right now, as I listen to a soundtrack that consists of Gotye, The Shins, Eric Clapton and TSwift, I almost want to cry when I think about leaving my favorite place in the world (my room) and my (usually) favorite people in the world (my family).  I'll have to move in to some cramped room with another teenage stranger.  I mean haven't you seen the Roommate?  Well, I haven't but it just sounds creepy, right?  I've been in love with the idea of college since middle school when I used to go around telling people that I wish I could just skip high school and go straight to college.  I read a lot of scary high school bullying books back then, like, the true story ones.  But when I first entered high school, nothing terrible really happened to me.  I mean, unless you really hate having your boobs grow, or your style change multiple times, or making new friends (and keeping the is silver and the other's gold...oh, you don't know that song...never mind).  Yes, you get yelled at by the seniors and juniors, but what else is new?  They hate you, you hate them and think they're so cool and effortless at the same time.  I'm almost done braving high school and junior year is some tough shiznat to get through.  Everyone's shouting in your ear about having the perfect grades because colleges are watching, ALWAYS.  I mean if I'm getting this correct, those college scouts might as well be in your bathroom while you sing in the shower.  You might want to check that out. 
Agh! So much writing I'm sorry!  What was I saying again?  Must turn off music to concentrate.  Oh, yes, I was talking about leaving.  First of all, can I bring my cat? Second, I wonder if my friends will fit in that suitcase?   Third, I'll no longer be able to be a beach babe anymore (HAHA, like I ever took hold of that opportunity) because I'm going up north!  Bring on the sweaters! 

 Trying and failing to show how cold it is in Beach Town right now...I could see my breath! can't.

Speaking of college...I'll be touring San Fran, Sonoma, and Santa Cruz starting Wednesday. We'll be gone until Saturday I believe.  


  1. best of luck on you college searching!
    love the floral skirt!

    1. Thanks girl I shall need it!
      And thanks again, but they're actually shorts!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks girl, they're actually shorts, though :0)

  3. Good luck for college, I am loving your stripy top, your crazy faces and your floral shorts!
    xx Jane