Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So you had a bad day

Sometimes I feel so incredibly empty, numb.  Sometimes I feel there's no point in doing anything if I know I'll only fail in doing so.  I just cant explain it.  Sometimes you have bad days.  I'v had my share of bad days these past couple weeks (so maybe lets call it 'bad weeks') so I'm pretty sure I get the gist of what a bad day truly amounts to.  It amounts to failing your drivers test for the first time.  A bad day amounts to having your backpack stolen and later found emptied in the girls bathroom.  It amounts to failing your drivers test the second time because you didn't look both ways while pulling back into the dmv.  A bad day amounts to not being able to look at yourself in the mirror, any day.  Don't call me superficial, or a drama queen, because those are two things I am not.  I can't help how I feel and I can't help that maybe I do over exaggerate, but that's what we teens were put on this earth to do.  So today I have at least fulfilled my requirements to live as a teenager in the twenty first century.

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