Sunday, October 2, 2011

Teeter Totter

Today has been a bit of a reminiscent day.  This morning I tested beach water with Josie for the Surfrider Foundation (it happens every other Sunday) as I did my freshmen year of high school.  It was hot but I still couldn't help but feel happy we were at it again, together.  When I got home I went on my old computer (ie, my dads computer) and started looking at all the pictures and found the one below.  I love this picture. Truly, deeply love this picture.  I cant remember who took it, but I do remember it was the last day of freshman year at this giant park (where we also had a picnic).  That year was probably one of the best school years I've had so far and even though I'm not as close to these girls as I used to be I still just love how happy we are.  On the teeter totter.

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