Saturday, October 15, 2011


Feeling a bit drowsy today.  Could possibly be that I took a four hour PSAT today.  Ah, well.  Anywhoo, all of this testing and driving (oh, did I not tell you guys? I got my license.  No big dealio...heh) had really taken quite a toll on me and in my laziness I took a nice, long nap.  I woke up feeling as if half my life had gone by and that I had wasted a precious Saturday.  Oh no!  So, I decided to do some dyeing.  No no no!  Not dyeing as in dead dying!  Dying as in fabric dying!  Whew, my apologies.  Anyway...I was looking for something, anything, to use on my boring white little dress so I did a bit of experimenting. 
And yes I am wearing a Gryffindor velvet blazer, thank you very much for noticing.  And, yes, I am also eating pizza.  Go away, I'm multitasking.

Emily's Dyes (Around the house edition)
Coffee Grinds
Sherry Vinegar
Curry Powder
Red Wine
Grape Popsicle