Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not a Good Day for a Post...

Oh. My. Dear. Goodness.  Not a good day for a post. may seem fine in the pictures (the sparingly few), but it was not, at least in my opinion.  Notice how I began in the prettier part of my backyard (with the vines and such) and ended up against the wall of the boring side of my house...poop on toast.  Well, what happened Emily, you ask? Hmph, I shall tell you.  I was taking my pictures, being goofy and strange with the pony (not sure why I chose the pony, it was merely lying around waiting to be used) when I looked up and saw my neighbor was standing on his porch smoking and looking right at me.  Oh dear...that was very awkward for me because at the moment I was squatting in the vines and looking bug eyed into the camera.  Oh god, here comes the worst part.  For some reason my natural instinct was to hide, so I ducked under some vines.  Then I realized the porch he was standing on was above me...and he could see me hiding.  I proceeded to pretend to be looking at a flower, but realized this was even more stupid, I obviously was not looking at a flower.  He had discovered my weirdness, and he was still looking at me!  Damn him!  Excuse my French I'm just so mad I couldn''t finish my shoot because a cigarette smoking weirdo across the way was staring at me.  And that is how I ended up against my mint green wall.  Fooey!  Sorry if that was a boring post, but you asked!  Oh...wait...hehe you didn't ask.  Poor old crazy me.

Well, I might as well tell you about my outfit...I 'spose.  The vest is from a West Hollywood one dollar vintage sale and the dress is from the Goodwill in Michigan.  The clogs are my moms (not any more hehehe) and the lipstick...I forget...CVS maybe?

Well, Well, well that be all mates!!


  1. I love this outfit, as well as the cute little hobby horse! :)

    Awww, I can sympathize! haha A similar thing happened to me a week or two and my sis were taking photos on the big road a bit from my house, and as we were taking them, this old couple walks by and just STARES at us like we're the weirdest people they've seen in their life. And here's the embarrassing part: my sis who was taking my pictures went to a garage sale and it just so happened to be at this same old couple's house. Then, they said that they recognized her from taking pictures of someone on the road. And then, my sis says, "Oh yeah, my sister as a style blog and I was taking her outfit photos." Aaahhh, I was super embarrassed!

    Hope you're doing well, dear!

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  2. HAHAHA that is actually the funniest thing I have heard today, (besides this weird joke my friend made) but at least you weren't present at the garage sale...right? And at least you and your sis are super cute and awesome!!

    Hope you're doing well, too, missy!

    PS: Thanks for the story it makes me feel less awkward about myself (hah)!