Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey again!  I made this post before we went to Big Bear, so organized and prepared am I! So organized and prepared, in fact, that I forgot to post the post. 
 Second week of school my peeps!  Are you ready?  Well, fine, I so am.  I'm still excited about school and I'm not so sure why.  So anywhoo, this weekend is labor day weekend, therefore we have no school Monday!  Woot woot!  So my family and I are going to take a little trip up to our lonely and probably very cold cabin in Big Bear.  We haven't been there is a while so hopefully it's not frozen over!  Wish us luck...haha.  Last time we arrived after not having been there in a while the front glass door was smashed.  Oh, dear!  But, it's okay there is honestly nothing valuable in there, besides maybe the solid gold toilets.  (But not really). 
So obviously I will not be wearing this to Big Bear due to the fact that it will be freezing (I'm guessing) but I got these striped blue shorts for three dollars from the Paso Robles Goodwill and these red little slipper/heels from a crazy cool shop in San Louis.  And the shirt is from Goodwill in Michigan (oh, yeah I've been to my fair share of Goodwills). The little hole-y sweater is pretty old and I don't have the best memory, so sorry! Not sure where it's from!  But, I'm going to say it was either from the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or my moms closet.  Just taking some wild guesses.  Okidokes!  Gotta go!

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