Saturday, September 24, 2011

Introducing...Olivia Millerschin!

Hey guys so here's that post I was talking aboot! You know...the one with that supa cool girl on youtube? Yeah, well here it is :D (I usually don't like these smileys.. but I'm just so excited!)

Introducing Olivia...

My name is Olivia and I love music. I play 7 instruments but I'm trying to get to 10 by 2012. I love people and I love sandwiches.:)
So Olivia, when did you start singing? 
I can't even remember! 
Any musical inspirations?
Ingrid Michaelson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz
What would be the name of your first full and complete album (unless you already have one, you talented person!)  I don't have one out yet. I'm planning to realease an ep on iTunes this year! It'll probably be called something crazy.:p I do have two songs on iTunes and you can find them by searching Olivia Millerschin.

Well thanks, girl!  You did awesome!  If you want to check out Olivia's videos (which you WILL be doing after you read this post because they are so very cute) then follow the links below.  The first link is to her very own song and the other links that follow are cover songs.  Hope you're as excited as I am right now!  Woot woot!

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