Friday, September 2, 2011

The Trick is Growing Up Without Growing Old

  I guess when it comes down to it
Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up
These are the best days of our lives
The only thing that matters is just following your heart
And eventually you'll finally get it right
I'm so sorry for the downer title/ poem!  I'm very truly sorry if I just rained on your parade!  And I'm going to try to make this post short and sweet (but we all know how well that works out) because were supposed to be leaving for Big Bear in...negative forty minutes.  That might be some hard time to catch up to. 
I'm writing this post to explain something that is very difficult for me to write about.  And it's also to explain why I might not be posting as often as I usually do.  My family (mostly my mom's side of the family) is under a lot of stress.  It's my grandmother.  I love my grandmother so much, even though it's hard to take her all in one serving due to her bluntness (particularly about weight which I am extremely sensitive to... but that is a whole different story).  She has began to crumble, physically and mentally (doctors say early signs of Alzheimer's and dementia) and it is definitely taking a toll on us.  I look after a Alzheimer's patient for a lovely woman who is such an inspiration with her patience in dealing with her mother (the patient I look after) and I cannot tell you how much I respect this woman.  I have learned much about dementia and Alzheimer's in taking care of her this summer (two time a week, two hours each day) and I have witnessed the effects firsthand what it does to a person.  I won't lie, I'm extremely afraid, seeing as I have already lost one grandparent and I do not want to lose another.  When I was younger, I kind of always figured grandparents were immortal, that they would always be there and I'm having trouble thinking of a world without my little grandmother.  No matter how many times I have disregarded her words about dieting and weight, I still very much love her and I just wish for more time.  I'm really going to try to enjoy what time I may have with her, though she is hardly the person she used to be.  Again, I am so sorry for this really sad post!  So sorry!  I just needed to explain that if I do not post for a while, it is not because I don't love you guys!  I really do!  There is just so much going on.  I swear I will do the absolute BEST I can! 


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