Saturday, September 10, 2011


You put on a CD
To drown out the birds,
To drown out the wind,
To drown out the chimes.
You plug into an outlet
To drown out the laughs,
You fill your robot mind
With senseless gurgle.
You drown out the sound,
With sound.

All original right there, my peeps!  I got the idea for it as I was sitting in my bed, near my window, getting ready to slap on some headphones and get to work on my AP US History notes. (I realize I lead an extremely exciting life) When I looked outside my window, though, there was the big old sun with it's bright old coat of blue, telling me I should at least be doing my notes while soaking up some melanin outdoors (with sunscreen, of course!).  So now I am getting ready to venture...oh god...outdoors!  Haha...I must get out more.  And yes, I am in fact contradicting myself by being on the computer (still), but I just had to alert you guys!  I mean, what if my skin just couldn't take the warmth of the outdoors and I exploded? Who would tell you that I'm in the hospital getting pieced back together like Humpty Dumpty?  No one.  So there, now you know.

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