Friday, September 9, 2011

San(d) Louis In My Shoey part tres, el final!!

Wow, I bet you guys are all San Louis-ed out.  I know I am.  Well, don't get too tired of it because here comes the finale to my roadtrip!  Oh, okay I'll post the pictures already!  Fine! 
Now, I now what you're thinking...way too many pictures right?  Well, I'm sorry guys!  I didn't mean to overwhelm you with pictures, but I had to just get this last post over and done with!  Now back to regular outfit posts and such, so do not fear!  Anywhoo, if you're really that mad at me then you can virtually punch me.  Ouch. Ouch.  There you go.

 Our room in the Madonna Inn was the Independence Suite...notice the red, white and blue?  And that very familiar historical painting?
 PINK!  Haha!  The entrance to the pool
 Hey!  Look!  It's Emily with her camera in the bathroom!
 Poor, sleeping Max.
 Sitting calmly with the family in the poolside bar.
 I like to think this picture is of Max smelling his own fart...but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt  and say he's just being Max.
 So pretty.
 The outside part of our room.
 You should probably go to the Madonna Inn just for their cool.

 An interesting shot of our room.

Oh, lookie!  A mini outfit post included!  The dress was five dollars at the Paso Robles Goodwill, the shoes were five dollars from the Goodwill as well and the shirt was my moms so pretty much it was free.
 Why am I sad?  Because I suck at Badminton.

 Too cool for only one pair of pair of glasses is so mainstream.
 Defeated at the sound of my dad saying this will be my only license plate ever.
 Mmm!  Bubble gum Alley tastes delicious!
 In some psychedelic shop with all kinds of things...including the sword of the Jewish people.  Haha...just kidding, but it did have a star of David on it...
 Immersed in their dark room...pretty swirls.
AW!  A really fantastic end to our trip :)  I saw my old Jewish youth group pal in a vegetarian restaurant in San Louis!  She's one of the sweetest people I know and I really wish she would come back to BBYO (then maybe I would go back : /).  Anywhoo, I saw her right before we were scheduled to leave...can you say destiny?  We were meant to pick the Vegetarian Cafe for lunch, even if my dad and Max wanted to go to some ribs place.  Good luck in your next year of college, girl!  I'll miss ya :)

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