Thursday, January 19, 2012

2400 points

No no, that is not what I scored on my PSAT.  And it certainly is not the number of hours I've studied this year (has to be more, heh).  Well, what is it then, this crazy number, you wonder.  My self esteem points! "Que?" they ask in unison.
  I believe through blogging my self esteem points have risen from, like, sixteen (but lets not get too generous) to 2400.  It's not like I'm saying blogging = world peace or end of homelessness, but I do think it's a personal boost and a personal boost is better than nothing.  For some, blogging is hard to get right into and for others it just clicks, but I think everyone knows what I'm talking about when I say how excited I was the first time I received a comment.  A comment?  What?  Really?  Those exist in real life?  Haha, just kidding I didn't say that, but still.  Sometimes I read some of the comments I get and it just restores my faith in the beauty of mankind (or womankind...whatever).  I realize I not only have my beautiful friends and family from beyond the computer, but also my beautiful blogging friends.  I guess I just wanted to thank you guys in my special awkward way.  So thanks!  You know who you are *winky face without the actual winky icon* 

I've doing the same poses for a while so this is me testing out a fun new's kind of unofficially called the dinosaur.


  1. Lovely photos you got there.
    You make amazing photos and I'm happy to be your newest follower. If you like you could check out/follow my blog as well. Love, Caroline.

  2. Thanks gfrand! I must admit as soon as I saw that gif of Josh from Drake and Josh I followed your blog, so funny :0)