Monday, January 2, 2012


An amazing man.  So gifted. 
I believe when I first read Tom Sawyer I hated it.  Actually,I still do not care for it.  And I do admit that because of that fact, I dismissed Mark Twain, or rather Samuel Clemens, automatically.  I have never wanted to take back a thought so much in my life (among other things, of course...but... oh...well, you get the point).  In my junior English class we are beginning to read Huck Finn so we watched a background video on Mark Twain.  I wasn't expecting to be interested and I definitely wasn't planning on becoming so interested that I take two whole pages of notes on the video.  He is a completely fantastic man!  Yes, he was an attention whore (with his white suits and outright humour) but that's what truly made him...him!  There were so many great quotes I wrote down, maybe I'll share them later.  All in all, Mark Twain was a wackadoodle (makes me like him even more) with his Einstein hair and not to mention impressive skills with heightening the underdogs of his time.  He's going on my gods of inspiration list...which I just started today, heh.


  1. Oh you look like an adorable elf! such a cute outfit!
    Love Alexandra

  2. You and that dress are adorable! The shape and the collar are perfect! And does it have little bunnies on it or am I just imagining things? :) Tom Sawyer's in my pile of books to be read, but I really loved Huck Finn. Twain was indeed a pretty cool kid.

  3. I wish there were bunnies on it! Actually I wish there were cats...but oh well thanks anywho gfrand!
    I'm reading Huck Finn now! It's so good :)