Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 Just hangin' out here on the couch readin' my Sylvia Plath in my bros patriotic Old Navy tee ...what?  Oh! Ha! I didn't even notice you there...

 Sometimes I'm so beautiful that when I look in the mirror, my own reflection tries to flirt with me.
Ohmygod these shots are like so perfect right? I think this may be my favorite shoot...ever. 
Okay...so hopefully by now you have realized that this is a fake fashion post...or as I call it, faux fashion furniture support (I'm sorry, I was trying to make an alliteration and furniture support was the only thing that bing thesaurus came up with when I typed in post).  Anywhooz...
I don't know what's wrong with me homegirls (and guys) I keep getting sick!  Like the 24 hour flu two weeks in a row!  Though I'm beginning to think it's that pound of cookie dough I ate a few nights ago...hmm.  Anyway this is an extra lame excuse for the fact that I haven't been posting a lot...also the fact that finals are coming up in ONE WEEK (okay, it's actually 2 weeks but I have to scare it into myself that they're soon or I won't study). LALALALA *end post*


  1. Haha- oh emily you joker! i think that this is really sweet, and it made me feel better (I also am a little sick right now)
    Love Alexandra

  2. Haha no probs girl! I'm glad it made someone feel better ;)
    Feel better in the physical way, too! Have a lot of oranges and don't hug people for at least a week