Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sun (and a surprise)

Hmm so you thought I might say something nice about the sun if you clicked on this post...well, you're wrong.  The sun killed my photos today.  It graced them with beautiful light, a whole lot of freaking light! I had to edit the crap out of these pictures for anything besides my hair to show up so I apolishmize. 

Anywhoo, guess what?!  I'm having a little guest post on here!  You probably all know her bloggity blog, First Impressions!  I "met" the wonder behind the wonder blog when I won my first giveaway off of her blog.  She's been such an awesome supporter of Hello Shmello from the very beginning.  *little shoutout* Thanks for all of your kind words and insight, gfrand! *end shout out*
  She's a loverly lovely person and I hope you'll welcome her next week. :)

 Piccos such a little poser
Enjoy the rest of the ever-fleeting weekend, my friends!


  1. I love this outfit. The skirt is so pretty! And I think the photos turned out really cute, despite the lighting :)

  2. cute :D
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  3. Thank you so much Leanna and Decimal Shoes I'll check out your blogs now!!