Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Collection

So in the previous post I mentioned the fashion show my advanced fashion 3-8 class is participating in sometime in March or May. Well, well, well I didn't really explain that did I?  No, probably because it is very self explainable.  Anywhoo, I'm in the process of finishing three items of clothing, all without zippers (I'm good at the whole cutting corners thing when it comes to sewing).  My first item is a long dark brown velvet dress with floral sleeves, a half print half sheer brown and beige dress and a mustard and black that last color combo doesn't sound too appealing but I swear it is! Once you see it!  I'm actually really excited because I have a lot of ideas for what my six friends, doubling as models, will be wearing on the runway accessory-wise.  Here are some of the things I'd like to see on them:

I'm sorry, by the way, for the poopy graininess of the photos but I don't have my camera and I had to use an online web cam! And sorry this post is so darn long!  Next time I'll show you guys some head scarfs I made...but for now, this post is long enough.
Bought the hair clip from Micheals and glued those stones on (from my previous collection of rocks)

Hey!  That geode was also in my rock collection!  And those little rocks on the ring!  Glued all those on these loverly chains and ring de Michaels.

Another mound of my rocks glued onto a pendant.

This one is my favorite :) That's a piece of amethyst I glued to a charm with a the Hebrew letters "Hay" and "Yud" (or Yad, however it pleases you).

Oh gosh, there's a lot of jewelry for ya.  Pretty much everything pictured here was a DIY project expect for the green beaded bracelet and the apple charm bracelet.

Photo by Refinery29

So so cool! For the models with long hair (3, though one girl has tiny long braids and one of them has super curly hair that's super long when intensely straightened).


  1. I really like the idea that you get to take this as a class! And those clothes sound super interesting too- Good Luck with your non-zipperness.

    Love Alexandra

  2. Haha I liked the idea too! But the teachers crazy bananas...thanks girl!