Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't Answer That

Coldplay makes me die a little bit a good way!  I wish I could go back in time to one of their old concerts.  Because, frankly, I believe their older albums are better.  When I first heard Yellow I played it on loop over and over again on my computer until someone would proclaim that that was quite enough of Coldplay.  If you didn't know, there's a Coldplay concert coming up in May...and it's one week before my AP Art History/ AP US History tests.  I just need them to play Fix You.  I just need it.

A FIREWORK!  Early 4th of July party with myself? I think yes!


  1. Oh, I've found another human being who is as crazy about Coldplay as I am! High five!
    I admit I like their older songs too. Fix you is THE BEST ever.

    Love that shirt and sweater :)

  2. yipee! I LOVE Fix You. The music video just makes my eyes water but I'm a little crazy so...haha