Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meet Imelda Marcos

Haha.  If you happened to see this and thought you'd maybe get an interview with Imelda Marcos, you'd be wrong.  Duh, I would never let her on here. But guess vat? I have something better!  MY 2,700 shoe collection!  Just kidding just kidding!  Almost...

You see, I counted and I'm kind of embarrassed/proud to say that I about, uh...40 pairs of shoes.  Don't judge I help the planet every other Sunday and I plant trees all of the time and I love to read and I am a nice and thoughtful person (most of the time)! I am not a selfish terrible person! Also literally all of my shoes are from either the Salvation Army, Goodwill or my mom's closet.  I actually think she passed on her love of shoes to me through meiosis or whatever.

And I didn't even have to get it pierced! (oh, father) it's from Etsy!  A ear cuff!  Who woulda known!

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