Friday, August 12, 2011

New Poem!

Hi hi hello tis me again.  I just wanted to share my new poem (actually not sooo new) written during the creative writing class I just finished up about last week.  The class taught me so much about my own writing style and I even made a couple friends (which I'm not too great yay!).  My teacher, a spunky readhead (wish I had red hair :() taught me all I needed to know about narratives, expository pieces, and poetry, so thanks girl! Anyway, I have decided to share a poem.

She looks down at her body,
Ashamed with what she sees.
Every step;
Her legs quake,
Her arms shake,
She feels bloated.
And round.
She feels the prick of the stares
And the sounds.
Of others, hushed.
No one believes her,
Believes her of what she sees,
In herself.
Of the pain she feels
In her stomach,
Her thighs,
Her arms.
She is the elephant in the room.
She is a grape;
Not sweet,
But round.

No one can see it.
Can see what she sees.
She is the enemy, her own enemy.
She stands before the mirror,
And cries
Hard swollen tears.
Not sweet,
But round.
She watches  the tears,
Move down her body.
How they bounce.
How they quiver.
From abdominous limb to the next.
Now her eyes are puffy,
Even they are round.
The bags beneath her eyes,
Not sweet, but round.
Not the happiest poem, I realize, but that's not my style anyway! Well that's that so lalala until next time!

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