Sunday, August 28, 2011

San(d) Louis In My Shoey

Hey! I'm back guys! Heyyyyy!  So I want to start off by giving a BIG virtual hug to JustJess for all my awesome new followers (you know who you are, you fantastic peeps) and saying WOW northern California was fu-u-u-u-un.  I love San Louis (in my shoey)! See what I did up there?  Clever, huh? Well, I think so.  I though of it in the car ride back to my loverly little home.  So happy to have my own space again, by the way.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I adore my weird family!  But, three straight days on and off the road...kind of sometimes a little bit hellish.  Haha anywhoo I made a list on the way back in my travel journal of all things that went on on our little three day trek/road trip.  Some of it is things not to do on a trip, some of it is quotes and some is advice for raodtrips.  Keep in family is weird.  Also! >  I wanted to share the pictures we took!  My film pictures are obviously not done because we just got back, but you will be able to see them as soon as my mother gets them put on some Cd's...I took a lot!  I shall split the digital pics into three categories; first was Paso Robles, next Morrow Bay, and last but not least...San Louis Obispo!  Wee!  I just have so so very much to share with you guys!!  It's so exciting!  I bought so many things at so many cute little thrift shops!  Okay, so first....Paso Robles!

Well, the trip began with our car breaking down by a beautiful lake view...
 Then we got to driving again!
 Max with some mangoes
 Made it!  And we got to see Ramona (family friend)
 See the pink in my hair...see it??!
 I spy Max, Emily and Dad playing the guitar...strangely
 Max loves his BACON
 A quick stop at a guacamole farm...hah!  I'm funny...just kidding it's an avocado grove.
 Max's favorite thing in the whole entire world...he asked for a bottle to drink in the car ride to Morrow Bay.
 Staring longingly.
 Avocados! My favorite!!
 Bye bye Paso Robles!  Morrow Bay here we out.

And here's my bonus list of tips...with a few censored out...hah.

  • Keep your feet out of the bottom of the'll get stuck...Max
  • Never go on the 5 North...stuck there for hours
  • ACTUAL TIP> Turn heat on when the car overheats and stops, no airconditioning
  • pesticides= organic fairy dust (said by my dad after I made a face at all the sparkly pesticides)
  • Kinko's has a nice snack selection (after my dad came out of Kinko's with a bag of chips for Max)
  • ALWAYS check out the local Goodwill (you might be pleasantly surprised) 
  • Be on the look out for cute guys always (Now, I am not a boy crazy girl, but there was a very very cute guy playing the piano at the hotel we stayed in in Morrow Bay...talented and cute, hmm? Mmm!)
  • Always go paddle boarding in Morrow Bay (so fun!  And don't worry...oh, I have pictures)
  • Me- "I feel one with nature" Dad- "I feel awkward with nature" (The many takes on paddle boarding)
  • Madonna Inn.  Just go there. Don't make me repeat myself.
  • NEVER EVER EVER go thrift store shopping on Sunday...bad experience...we had to sadly pass the worlds coolest thrift store because it was friggin stupid Sunday...arg.
Well, everyone...that was post one of three!  Get ready for more!  Oh, and also do not expect many posts for about a week after Wednesday...or maybe, if I'm feeling super nice.  My first day of school starts Wednesday and I am going to be chock full of homework and due dates for AP US history...if you are not familiar with this class, read my post about it.  I still have SOOO many notes.  But blah, I will not bore you no mores with this silliness...even though I am the queen of silliness.  OKOKOK I'LL STOP  Hehehehe SORRY this post was so darn long!  I was just so excited to be back.  TATA!

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