Monday, August 22, 2011


I know what you're thinking...Emily...that first picture up there...hmm.  What's the word I'm thinking of?  Awkward!!  And no, I am not talking about 'awk', never say that 'word' it's stupid and not a word.  Anywhoos, I have decided to showcase my inner awkward to all of you not for my own pleasure (actually maybe a little) but to suggest a t.v. show!  What? What t.v. show am I speaking of you say?  Awkward.  No, really that's the show.  My outfit was actually inspired by the shows main character, Jenna Hamilton.  The sweater is from a thrift store (where else) and both dresses are, too!  The socks are my friend Nikki's (I stole them...what?) and the very patriotic shoes were a gift from my momma.  Mkay. Back to the show. Awkward begins with Jenna in a giant arm/body cast (pictured below) and she proceeds to explain it all started the last day of summer camp (she's going into sophomore year by the way).  It's a brilliantly funny and sarcastic show on Tuesdays at eleven.  I would definitely recommend searching it in the googley right now.
Oh, and look!  There's my kitten cat, Picco (otherwise known as Piccolini...yes, the pasta).  Isn't she so cute?  I just want to snag her right outta that picture.  Her full name is Picasso, but I shortened it to Picco a while ago.  Why Picasso?  Well, see her nose?  How it's half black and half beige?  Like a mixed up Picasso painting! Haha! (She's actually sitting right next to my computer as I type this and looking at me in the most peculiar way)  I realized that I had'nt showed her off yet and my blog is supposed to have a little bit of cats 'here and there' so what the heck was I doing?!  Sorry, pardon my craziness. 
Oh wait!!! I forgot to tell you guys I'm doing a guest post real soon on
I met her on Independent Fashion Bloggers (a site for you bloggers I definately recommend!)  She sent me such a sweet lil message and then we got to writing and she wanted me to do a guest post on her blog.  Woohoo!  First one!!  Okidokes, that's all for now.  Also, sorry this post was so long. 

Jenna and her super hip friends