Saturday, August 20, 2011

Well, I should be working on my AP US History...

Like the title so nicely mentions...I really should be working on my AP US History notes for the upcoming school year.  Ever since middle school, kids have been telling me 'do not take AP US' or APUSH, as the cool kids call it.  And so, before I even started high school I already had the message beat into my brain that I SHOULD NOT take AP US.  I was very set in my ways until I reached sophomore year...and met Mr. Fauver, the AP us history teacher.  I never intended to take his modern world history class (that was supposed to be a little harder), it was merely put on my schedule by mistake.  But, all my friends seemed to get it too, so I decided to take it( I mean what the heck, right?). was a pretty hard class.  There were way too many group projects to handle and a lot of having to connect history and literature (it was sixty students in one class for two hours and the history and English teacher switched off).  But, that class was one of my favorites of high school so far.  Mr. Fauver was a fantastic teacher and the love-hate banter between him and Ms. Thornton, the English teacher, was just hilarious.  I met so many really cool people in that class (and some not-so-nice) through the projects and the study groups.  And before I knew it the end of the year was near and I was signing up for AP US.  I guess funny things like that happen.  To me, especially.

Anyyyywhoo here are some pictures of me not doing my notes.  I was very 80's inspired, as you can see by the big(ish) hair and the crazy dress.  But the shoes, I think, are actually very 70's inspired. (The shoes along with the strawberry vest.)

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