Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh, just hanging out in outer space

          Hi everyone! Haha just kidding, hi no one!  Oh dear I'm pathetic, but that's alright.   Moving on... I went to the Goodwill yesterday and got a dress and a shirt.  The dress is pictured below but the shirt is a work in progress.  See, I love cats (notice the blog description) and the shirt I found in the Good-old-Will guessed it...cats!  All over it!  The problem is, the cats are on the back of the silk shirt and the front of the shirt is BUTT ugly, really now.  It looks as if someone barfed up fabric all over and wah-la!  A shirt!  Don't get me wrong, I am definitely all for freaky patterns and fabric but the front of this shirt was just pure ugly.
          Oh, and the sparkly patterns that are all over my body, face, and just all around me are not, in fact, actually there.  Hard to believe, right?  Because I definitely live in outer space.  Well, sorry to disappoint you but these little stars in the pictures are actually a setting on  Mhm that's right I sometimes edit my photos with Picnik.  So there.

And no, these photos are not on chictopia.  Urg.  They were not 600 by 400 pixels so...yeah...poop. No wait! I do not want to end a post on such negative nancyness! Enjoy your summer! (How's that for nice and happy, huh?) 

but please do check out my chictopia, my name's eeEmily!
And tell ya friends :)