Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Still Summer To Me

Okay, so I have to make this very quick because I have some AP Art History homework to do, but I just wanted to say....I had the BEST first day of school today!  Though I hate to admit to myself that I am a junior, I am really loving junior year.  And yes, it has only been the first day, but I just feel really really awesome.  My life right now is really just fantastic.  I'm doing a post tomorrow about why I am so excited for September (but be mindful it may be a bit dated because I started it in the summer time...oh how I miss that time).  But, anywhoo!  My zero period marine bio class went fantastic, I sit next to my old buddy Emily (which is very funny because it confuses the heck out of my teacher...were both blonde) and first period I have my old Spanish teacher Frigola!  I passed with freaking flying colors in that class freshman year.  And then next was AP Art History with Nikki and Kyle, then AP US History with Mr. Fauvdawg!  Woohoo!  Then there was break when I walked back to my locker with Nikki (where I also spotted my ex...oh gosh...not awkward at all) and then onto Advanced Fashion 3-8!  And oh happy days!  There's a new teacher who is an actual fashion designer and is able to get us sponsors (she has connections) which means, you guessed machines and mannequins!  She also is going to get Apparel Weekly to cover our annual fashion show!  Oh, wow I am using way to many exclamations....ah, well.  Mkay, then my last two classes are math (the class in which I brown nosed a bit  I must admit) with a very sweet Mrs. Champagne and last but not least, English with a super cool teacher and one of my best friends Adriana!  Who could ask for more in a first day of school?  Definitely not me.  Oh, and I visited my old English teacher today after school and picked up my Creative Writing portfolio (94 %, guys!) and tomorrow I will hopefully catch my sophomore Spanish teacher, Mrs. Martinez.  Well, that wasn't very short was it?  Oh, who cares, I'm stoked on life!  And I'll probably be staying up way way late from now on...yay? 
So I'll stop boring you guys with my crazy enthusiasm (because I am, in fact, crazy) and tell you about this outfit a bit.  And no, I did not wear this outfit to school...don't be a doofus.  I did change into this after I got home from Nikki's (we have decided to do homework together this year everyday after school, but maybe not everyday because I hardly got any AP Art done today.) because I felt as free as a bird.  And, I also still kind of feel like its summer...odd?  Not really, it is the first day of school (para mi).  Anyway, I was so excited from my great day at school that, while pouring Picco the cats food, I spilled the entire bag on the floor and ate a giant Chipotle burrito in five minutes.  Okay! That was a day in the life of crazy me, but I really really actually have to go now!  Bye bye!

Found this bathing suit in a mini treasure chest in the back of my mom's closet with a ton of other cool 80's bathing suits.  I found it yesterday...good timing right?  I think not.


  1. What a cool bathing suit!Too bad u didnt find it earlier in the season:( Very unique!

  2. I know right? Of course, that would happen to me ;)