Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Loverly Day and a few questions for my loverly peeps

So!  I have a few questions for all my readers!
First Question...Do you think I should wear my hair up for my junior year photo today (or for the first day of school if you respond too late) ?  The style in this post?  Another question...should I wear lipstick for the photo (or first day of school)?

Next question!  What is your opinion of me dying my hair strawberry blonde?  I've wanted to do it for soooo so very long, but I am a very big chicken when it comes to my hair. (I had my hair long for about five years before I decided to go short in ninth grade...or was it last year? hmm..anyways I'm growing it out now.  Goal length: long enough to do a side braid perfectly)  Wow I got off track.  So anyways, the strawberry blonde thing.  I used to have red hair when I was a wee baby and then, to my chagrin, it changed to blonde right before my parents eyes!  And I've wanted it ever since, so whadya think?

Last question!  If I don't do strawberry blonde, I was thinking of doing those pastel highlights that look super cute.  Whadya think about THAT?  Sorry that sounded very in your face;)  If you have no idea what the heck my crazy self is saying then look to the picture waaaaay way at the bottom of the two hip girls with their hip hair.

LAST last question.  So I have a lot of my old vintage stuff that I dont wear anymore.  I really wanted to save it for my future daughter (haha), but not all of it.  So should I open up an Etsy store?  Whadya think?

Ooooh lala do you like my umbrella?  I got it from the Goodwill yesterday for SIX dollars!  I'm pretty impressed with myself considering I snagged it right before anyone in the store could even take a look.  HAH!

That's not a mustachio, crazies! It be my hair!

Looks like some awkward rubbed off on from the other post...how unfortunate for me.


  1. I've been thinking about dyeing my hair too! :) I think you should go for a very, VERY subtle strawberry blonde. If you go too bright/vivid/obviously strawberry blonde it may end up looking tacky. But I think it would look very cute! :) If you go to this color palette: http://www.clairol.com/niceneasy/perfect_10/shade_palette/
    and go under the "Blonde" tab, then to the "Warm Gold" section, there's one color there called "Medium Golden Neutral Blonde". I think that color would look perfect on you. :)

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  2. Ohmygoodness thank you so much! I did do highlights of pink today with the help of my friends just to try it out, but I really wanted to do something more perm after picture day (just in case aha)
    And that color...so beautiful!! I'll most def be trying this one. In fact, I shall go down the street to CVS tomorrow to see if they have it :)
    Again, thanks girl!!