Monday, August 29, 2011

San(d) Louis In My Shoey part dos

Okidokes guys, here's the second part to our fabulous roadtrip!  I'll just post the pictures with some comments because Picco the cat wants me to let her inside (ugh I have to go all the way downstairs, cat? Really? Fine.) Oh, and also guess what?  My last drivers lesson is today! Two o'clock wish me luck!  I take my test September ninth at three thirty and I even wrote it on my calendar!  But the day after that I wrote, day after you fail the license test...yeah...I'm a little bit crazy of a driver...who woulda guessed?  You guys, probably...all talking behind my back about how crazy I am...pshh!  Okok I'll put the Morrow Bay pictures up before Picco has a mini heart attack...I'm acomin!  Oh!  And look out at the end of the post for all the things I bought on the trip!  A LOT, at least in my mind.

I spy The Rock of Morrow Bay
 A beautiful abonded beach we found...with tons and tons of sandy dollars!  Sand dollars..oh, you know what I mean!

 The birds wanted me to chase them.
 I know they did.
 Happy mommy.
 Of Course 1
 Of course 2.  A seagull made a home on our Subaru.
 Beyond beautiful hotel by the beach.
 We are pool experts.
 Oh yes.
 Say hello to green Spongebob...hey girl whats up?  Oops...sorry..hey guy!

 Meet the wild turkey hangout...I BIRD it's really popular...hahaha get it? Bird instead of heard?  Haha...Oh shutup I know I'm weird.
 Max's heaven...candy central.
 Of course...again...
 One last picture of The Rock!
 Awww the Shell Shop was adorable!  And so affordable! I stocked up on many many shells and other creatures for the mermaid costumes Josie and I will be donning for Halloween.  Oh, there will be pictures of that, you can count on it.
 Paddle Boarding!!
 Say bye bye to Morrow Bay and hello to one last thrift store before we hit the road and set sail for out last stop...Madonna Inn in San Louis!

And here's the bonus...all of the things I bought in one picture...of course excluding some...

Okay so here's a list...which I'm very happy with and slightly embarrassed of...

  • Red Japanese print heels ($5)
  • Yellow Wellies (5)
  • Maroon Oxfords (5)
  • Sheer Purple Knit Sweater (4)
  • White Loafer Heels (5)
  • Japanese High Neck Fitting Dress (5)
  • Velvet Steve Madden Platforms (6)
  • Joyce Carol Oates Short Tales of Mystery and Suspense (1) love Joyce Carol Oates
  • If you Don't stand for Something You'll Fall For Anything poster (3) inspired by Pete Seeger
  • Madonna Inn mini sewing kit (free)
  • Fiona Apple CD (5) YAY
  • Mini Music Box Crankshaft (8) It plays the chorus of Yesterday over and darn cute I couldn't resist!!


  1. I love the yellow wellies!! Those are the perfect pick-me-up rainy day shoes!

  2. I know right? I'm so excited for the rain haha