Sunday, August 21, 2011

Under Water

Everything is elegant under water

Turns and whirls, all in a sort of slow motion
Like twirling in caramel

Hair looks effortless and wavy
Tossed around like a mane

 Fingernails are illuminated and clear
Clean and iridescent under the pool lights

A strand of hair stands out
Floating on the surface, a glimmering trail of gold

Even a bug looks beautiful
Sailing on a misty green grave
Forever against the current of the pool

Everything is calm under water
Slow, steady and quiet

Laughter, shouting, voices are muffled
Only the sounds of your fingernails, toenails
Scraping the bottom, sides
 Of the pool

Everything is beautiful under water

I don't remember much growing up.  So many of my memories blend into one another.  Middle school is all one big blur and anything before that is almost like trying to see through a thick fog.  Even my freshman year of high school blends with seventh and eighth grade.  The only thing I do remember from way-back-then was swimming.  I was always swimming.  My parents always tell me about how (in kindergarten) I used to wear a bathing suit underneath my overalls and dresses almost everyday!  In defence of my younger self I was probably just being practical, considering I had swim lessons after school (though not everyday).  Ah, well, I still do want to be a mermaid (and I'm 16) so poop on anyone who thinks that's weird! (but not actually, that's gross)

Oh! I got a question on the Night Fever post a day ago regarding my shoes and where one might be able to purchase some like them. They are platform sandals (or at least that's what I call them) and are available on Ebay if you just search vintage platform sandals in the search bar.  If you as bad at Ebay as me, though, here are some other links.
1. Yes, these are from urban outfitters, which I do not like due to very ridiculous prices, but these shoes are pretty cute!

2. Here's another pair from UO, but theyre cheaper, higher, and come in three different colors

3. These aren't anything like mine, but I thought I'd add them in as a BONUS!
So those were all the sandals I could find...for now!

PS: Sorry there were no pictures today, I slept over at my friends house last night and am feeling a bit lazy now

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