Sunday, August 28, 2011

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." - Bernard Meltzer

 Well, for this one I wanted to do a Friends quote for the title, but it wouldn't let me.  Darn you, computer!  You see, my friend Nikki who I'm about to introduce is a friend whith whom I watch Friends with ALL the time and we pretty much know every episode.  So, I thought it would be cute to have some funny quote by Ross and Rachel be the title, ah well.  I'll give you the link to the site I was going to use before my computer made me want to smash it against a wall (just kidding).,,31808,00.html

Nikki is most definitely a character.  She went to the Jewish preschool Alex and I went to, but I guess it was not destiny for us to meeT yet because she left that year.  We finally fulfilled our destiny in the fifth grade, when Josie, Nikki and I became the three amigos (we were all in the same class).  Nikki saw me through my obsession with the boy I mentioned in the other post about Josie, and she, too had a crush of her own; his best friend.  Nikki, as mentioned before, is a character.  She always reminds me how non-social and not-good-at-making-friends she is.  Even though she too, can count her friends on her hands, I don't think she realizes the impact she has on people.  She's hilarious and fun (when you don't wake her up early in the morning) and people really love her, at least I do.  Sometimes, in sticky situations (like wandering the pier at eleven o'clock at night with all those crazy drunken people hanging around corners)we like to pretend we're lesbians (not sure why, but so far this has worked).  We hold hands while walking down dark places and aren't hit on by creepy men.  I have not yet to be hit on by creepy women, but there's always a first for everything!  And that's what I really love the most, how comfortable we are with eachother, while other friends may say 'heck no' to holding hands because 'people might actually think we're lesbians' Nikki doesn't care.  And when I'm with her, I don't either.


I just thought this one was funny...bonus quote!
I notice my wife when she's on the phone with her friends, man they will share every animate details of their lives with each other. See men once we become friends with another man we may never say another word to him, unless there's valuable information that needs to be exchanged. Things like "Hey Jim, your shirt's on fire." - Jeff Foxworthy

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