Thursday, August 25, 2011

Silly Willy Me

Help me my friends!  I'm craving beef jerky!  And salmon jerky, gosh darnnit!  I'm so very very mad (mad like the crazy kind of mad and mad like 'grrrr angry').  Why is this such a bad thing, you ask?  Why don't I just go buy some beef jerky myself?  What am I, crazy? Well, 1) I've been a vegetarian since January and a pescatarian since last march, 2) I would buy beef jerky myself but I can't eat it so that would be stupid, and 3) yes, I am crazy.  (But you guys already knew that).  I'm not sure why, but I've suddenly been craving that stupid ancient salted and dried out meat stick!! Darn you, delicious meat stick!  I've never craved burgers (bleh, no) and definitely NEVER ribs (after being a pescatarian for a week, I took a break and had some ribs and almost barfed when I thought about what I was really eating)  so why beef jerky?!  It's not even that great!  The bad thing is that my family and I are going to take a road trip to San Louis Obispo before the school year starts (that's not the bad thing...THAT part is awesome!) and we always pass the best beef jerky shop (here we go).  Every year we stop there for ALL kinds of beef jerky.  We end up coming out of the store with bag fulls, actually.  Sadly, I do not partake in the eating of animals (anything with a face) anymore.  And sadly, I am freaking craving beef jerky!!  Ah, well.  I'll live.  I guess.

So here's my post right before we leave...yep the Fogels are on time today!  Booyah!  My mom is actually yelling at me to come downstairs and pack up the truck.  Darn.  Here are some pictures to keep you busy!  I would love to post some posts while I'm in San Louis, but parents say no computers!  (That rule only really applies to my little bro, though, who's always on the computer)  So here's my post and I'll see you guys in a few days!  I'll snap some pictures for ya with my film camera and the regular digital!

Oh, and I forgot to say...I dyed some streaks of pink in my hair!  But I had to put some Sun-In on them because they were SUPER pink. you can see hands are pink.  My buddy Nikki (she'll be in the next friends post) didn't have any gloves at her house (not booyah) so now when I raise my hands on the first day of school my teachers will probably wonder if I killed a unicorn (and used it's blood to dye my hair.)  I didn't I swear!!!

And here's a bonus picture of my little brother and me.  I don't think he's aiming for the table with that cleaning supplies...
By the way, this picture is from an album I posted on Max's facebook (Max is my little bro, he's thirteen)when I hacked it due to the fact that I deleted mine last year when I realized how stupid it was(his password is the easiest thing ever).  I named the album I Love My Sister...HAHAHA.  Sometimes I think I'm so funny.

See you guys on Sunday!!


  1. you look cute! I love your quirky poses. :)

  2. just saw you on tilted faces, love your style am a new follower :)


  3. found you on tilted faces! omg you are so precious! love your blog! pleaseeee set up a bloglovin then let me know so I can follow you on it!


  4. AW I love you all!! Thanks so much guys! I must thank Jess for all this publicity (hehe)