Thursday, August 18, 2011

Night Fever

Feeling a little seventies today as you can see.  I raided my mom's closet and found this cape/jacket thing, this shirt and these shoes (that are very very hard to balance in, or maybe I'm just clumsy).  I think the best pieces that you could find are in your mothers closet, even if you have to search way deep down (like I did) to find 'em.  My mother was once a very fashionable lady! Or at least I like to think so...due to the fact that I'm wearing a lot of her clothing at the moment.  Ah well, fashion is fashion.


  1. you look gorgeous! I love your jacket and shoes! =D

  2. I love raiding my mom's closet! And permanently borrowing things I find in there... :)

  3. i love your shoes :O i'm trying to find this type on internet but nothing :( have they a specific name?